ADCAN Pharma has well established & fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory with following sections:


ADCAN’s Quality Control Laboratory is one of the most well-equipped in the region, with the most advanced technical instruments put to use in carrying out all necessary testing relating to the physical, chemical and micro aspects of our products Our Quality Management Team ensures that every product manufactured by us complies with all internationally accepted good manufacturing practices & standards of quality, purity, efficacy and safety.

  • Hardness
  • Friability
  • Density
  • Melting Point
  • Refractometry


IMA A83 is the perfect cartoning machine for blister packaging, as small-volume batches with very frequent changeovers can be linked to all blister machines. The machine has only one motor and is mechanically reliable with low-cost size parts due to adjustable devices.

  • Data Logging
  • Integrated with blistering machine
  • 160 cartons per min
  • Leaflet Detection
  • Blister Detection


The HVAC System in ADCAN has a unique design, it allows independent temperature control for each room, additionally each room has its own recirculation system eliminating any possibility of cross contamination between rooms by air

  • Sampling & Dispensing Unit
  • Manufacturing Unit
  • Packaging Unit
  • Chemical Lab Unit
  • Micro Lab Unit
  • R & D Unit


An air shower is designed to function as a sort of gateway controller between the cleanroom and the environment. When used properly, an air shower can cut down on a vast majority of potential contaminants and helps ensure that the product remains safe and uncontaminated. Today, air showers have become relatively commonplace because of its major and important benefits.

  • Warehouse to QC to Warehouse
  • Production to QC to Production
  • prevent contamination
  • cross contamination during Samples transfer


A Building Management System (BMS), otherwise known as a Building Automation System (BAS), is a centralised control and monitoring system for the building via a computer. The core functions of a BMS system installed in buildings is to control & monitor utility equipments such as Lighting, HVAC, Ventilation systems, Fire Alarm Panels, Fire Hydrant Panels, Water Tank Monitoring, Elevator Operations, CCTV, Access Control, Vehicle Management, Perimeter Security , Generators, STP, WTP and many more of the sub-systems that are employed within a building. 

  • Enabling Safety and Security
  • Improving building operations
  • Improving maintenance system

Supply Chain (anning, Procurement, warehouses and logistics)

Supply Chain is playing a pivotal role in maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. With it’s strategic role, Supply Chain guarantees partnerships and alliances with the best vendors, streamlines the flow of APIs, materials and components, maximize production performance through production planning and scheduling while improves customer satisfaction. Understanding the growth plans of ADCAN Pharma Supply Chain is transforming digitally by implementing the latest integrated ERP system and technology in all critical processes including: inventory management, strategic sourcing, procure to pay cycle, warehouse management system, production planning and material requirement planning (MRP). Being a quality oriented pharmaceutical company, Supply Chain gives an extra attention to the cold chain with it’s spacious temperature controlled warehouses (+15°C to +25°C and +2°C to +8°C) to ensure that cGMP/ GSDP guidelines are applied in every detail. The warehouse houses a sampling area with an innovative pneumatic tubing system. This tubing system has been specially designed to transport samples from the sampling area to the quality control facilities.

  • MAS, Sampling Room
  • WH Pharmacist & QA Pharmacist
  • Released Area
  • Double Locked Finished Product Quarantine Areas
  • Shipping Area

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