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ADCANPharma a newly established pharma company that launched to be one of the leaders in pharma industry not only in UAE market and MENA region but to penetrate the global and the regulated markets through its modern set up as well as its high quality products that produced with recent & updated technologies in this field

ADCAN Pharma. Abu Dhabi is a limited liability company (LLC) established in 2013 specialized in manufacturing of Oraal Solid Dosage (OSD) Products with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) purchased from European, FDA and/or cGMP approved sources. ADCAN Pharma’s main products are OSD Products with dosage form as Tablets and Capsules.

ADCAN Pharma’s activities include warehousing, manufacturing (granulation, compression, encapsulation, coating & blistering operations). packaging, quality control & quality assurance , Additionally. ADCAN Pharma is in the process of contract manufacturing agreements with European & Gulf companies, for which ADCAN will carry out technology transfer, secondary packaging activities and quality control release analysis at the ADCAN Pharma facility in AUH.


Our mission is to improve the overall health of the United Arab Emirates & the region by bringing high quality specialised medication to the people who need it.


Our vision is to be recognized as a premier generic pharmaceutical manufacturer of the highest quality specialty products. To this end, we will constantly work to build on our expertise, improve our manufacturing processes.


To become a leader pharma company by providing innovative, practical and affordable healthcare products that would significantly improve people’s life across all the target markets.

Our History

From the beginning

  • Setting up the roots to ADCAN, making sure the roots are well settled.

    12 August 2020

    The Vision was set to drive on medical laboratory set up with all required ground work started.

  • Move for an international labs.

    20 November 2021

    partnering up with the medical centers to make sure all the medicine are reached with better quality to each and everyone.

  • Right Price proposition & Set Up

    26 December 2022

    We have set an ideal plan to make sure the balanced environment to achieve and get rewarded end of the day.

Our Activities

Let's have a look at our activity and skills

Our Advancement

The BMS system enables monitoring of various sensors such as smoke, gas leak and door-intrusion sensors that are installed in the building.

By controlling and monitoring of the electrical equipments as the Building Automation System allows complete control of all the facility lighting systems for common areas.

Not only does it support maintenance but other aspects for better Asset management also, including  preventive maintenance scheduling, and warranty

We aspire to create high quality products, manufacturing and services that hold our values of quality and professionalism. ADCAN Pharma incorporates Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) lifestyle rather than obligations, and practices a Quality by Design (QbD) Philosophy that is comprised of US FDA compliant layout, the  use of pure materials and highly reliable machines from the top international suppliers, professionally trained employees and  effective procedures.